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Rid Your Outdoor Living Space of Mosquitoes & Pests

As a local company, we are dedicated to helping our clients better enjoy their outdoor living spaces. We want you to enjoy summer evenings without the nuisance of mosquito bites and other pests. We offer competitive pricing on misting systems as well as easy to afford regularly scheduled mosquito fogging.

Texas has more than its fair share of nuisance pests. Whatever pest is keeping you from enjoying your backyard; Maximum Mosquito Control has a solution for you. We offer installation of mosquito control systems, fogging for special occasions or parties, or regular fogging schedules for the entire season.

Mosquito Systems are customized to fit your property and operate automatically at certain time of day when mosquitoes are most active.

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Mosquito Fogging is a short-term solution; Maximum Mosquito Control will fog your entire property to reduce the number of mosquitoes for a period of up to three weeks.

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Aside from health and wellness, insect as well as insect attacks are downright frustrating for your canine, so that ought to be factor sufficient to take preventative measures and lower the possibilities of your family pet being affected.


When ticks bite a person, the body reacts to healthy proteins infused throughout feeding. This response will certainly often be seen as a red, elevated area that might impulse. It’s not unusual for the skin reaction to stay visible for a few days, but in extreme cases, the result can be felt for a lot longer. The intensity of the reaction will certainly differ according to the level of sensitivity of the individual’s immune system.


Most roaches prefer to rest on wood as opposed to on metal and other surface areas. That’s why you’ll commonly find them residing in timber closets or in cardboard boxes. German cockroach fecal material contains a pheromone that informs other roaches that the location is a good place to harbor. Great deals of cockroaches might gather in locations where fecal product has actually built up. These locations are called gathering factors.


Throughout the UNITED STATE, there are countless kinds of termites, consisting of below ground, drywood as well as dampwood termites. They trigger greater than $5 billion in damage every year and also can cost property owners an average of $8,184 in treatments as well as damage repairs. All kinds are a severe risk and also call for a different type of treatment strategy.