Mosquito Fogging Solutions

Mosquito Barrier Treatment

If you are not quite ready to make a permanent investment, but want consistent and effective mosquito control during mosquito and gnat season, Maximum Mosquito Control’s Monthly Barrier Treatments may be best suited for your needs. Barrier Treatments are a cost effective approach to killing and repelling both mosquitoes and gnats. As with all of our services our initial inspections and estimates are free. Now there is no reason to have to suffer through mosquito season. Even living on the marsh or surrounded by wooded areas you too can get mosquito and relief in your yard.

How Our Program Works

During mosquito season (approximately March through November) our licensed and trained mosquito technicians will perform a barrier treatment in your yard every 2-4 weeks. The length of the season is dependent on the environment and harborage areas in and around you yard as well as weather patterns. The treatment itself will kill the mosquitoes and gnats in your yard as well as repel them from the treated area. Similar to our mosquito misting systems, Maximum Mosquito Control’s technicians will customize the program to meet your specific needs.

Maximum Mosquito will inspect your outdoor area for mosquito breeding and harborage areas. Next we will perform a surface spray treatment of the target area. We are extremely careful not spray edible vegetation, Koi ponds or other sensitive areas. Then using a mosquito fogger we will jet fog harborage areas such as shrubbery, where mosquitoes rest. Finally our treatment includes larvaciding of mosquito breeding areas.

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